FLW Series Okeechobee

Well, for the first Florida tournament, I had a decent practice with finding spawning fish and mat fish! Great! 2 different patterns. The weather turned rainy and windy eliminating both patterns on Day 1. I jackpotted this tournament which is the FLW SouthEast Coasta series in 2016. I did this to get more quality time on Okeechobee! I had a 77 year old co-angler from New Jersey on Day 1 and he wasn't used to the co-angler concept. I had to have 2 different lectures about etiquette and not casting 2 feet from where I just cast!!!!!! What an ass of an old man, maybe I won't care at that age as well but at least I will feel bad about my actions!!! On day 2, I drew Lee Frye from Florida, a 60 yo retired highway patrolman that was a great fisherman in Florida!!! He was swimming a jig and I learned a lot and got confidence in that new technique!!!! We had a great day despite 25-30mph winds and monsoonal rains with a big front coming through around noon with whiteout conditions!!!! I ended up with 4 keeps for the day including a 5 3/4 big bass and ended the tournament in 115th out of 250 but only 3.12lbs out of a check. A tough tournament with the cold rain putting the bass in a negative feeding mode. Many bass were caught on chatterbaits, spinnerbaits or punching mats in South Bay. A very rough boat ride on day 2. I stayed midlake and liked my decisions for the most part. Again a valuable learning experience and learning to drive the boat lanes and potential spawning areas with clear water around several hay fields.

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