FLW Tour Okeechobee Feb.4-7,2016

I've now been in Florida for 3 weeks, it was cheaper to camp than drive back and forth from Missouri. It rained for 2 weeks straight and on the days it wasn't raining, it was a cold front with high NW winds. So it was dismil for fishing but I made some friends that were all older and retired but great fisherman! I camped on Istopoga at Trails End RV park that was a great location with friendly people. I learned about the clean out screen on the Mercury 250 and got a trailer tire changed out that took 2 hours due to being rounded off proir.

As for the 1st FLW event, I really thought I could weigh in a big sack of pre-spawn bass mid lake but due to the water color and a South wind, it turned the bass off in the area. As the hours wore on and I only had 1 keeper to show, it was tough, there were 2 big pros in the area but they also bombed on Day 1. We all knew the areas potential but water color was the negative factor. I weighed in 1 bass for 1.5lbs. My partner Nick from the St. Louis area did catch a limit behind me fishing slower, he's sponsored by Croc-O-Gator (Clacker buzzbaits and jigs, a local favorite around Lake of the Ozarks).

Day 2 had a forcast of high winds!!!!! I didn't fill up the boat and that kept me focused on just catching a small limit to get points now. We only went 1 mile and turned out into a hay field area with bucks trying to move in and make beds for spawning. The water was clear for the size of 2 football fields with up to 22 other boats in the area. Guys were throwing spinnnerbaits, Big EZ, Sinkos and punching small mats in the area. My partner Dustin Roberts was from Russleville, Arkansas, he had a limit on day 1 and needed weight to maintain a check, so another reason I went to the hay fields. The water was clear and the winds were so strong, my power poles were slowly slipping all morning. I caught a small limit of bucks throughout the day weighing 7.7lbs, culling out twice. A Sinko and spinnerbait was ticket. I put weigh points each time one of us caught fish and there was a pattern of a school of bass just inside the muddy water of the main lake just inside the clear. I did hook a monster around noon but she just pulled off. Don't know why????? My partner Dustin caught a 6.7lb bass and stayed up- in the standings. So I finished in the last 10 due to my gamble on the first day!!!!!

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